Saturday, 12 April 2014

Lesser Black-backed Gull MAFB

A Lesser Black-backed Gull  (Green MAFB) was colour-ringed in the Netherlands during 2007 and fitted with a satellite tracker. Steve Nicholls and I saw this bird on March 29th 2014.

Kees Camphuysen has kindly passed on its life-history and amongst the information was a map of one of its winter journeys. The satellite tracker no longer works, but it has done its job. We already know that many Lesser Black-backed Gulls migrate south to Iberia and across to NW Africa, but it is great to see the whole journey represented on a map.

It's fascinating how one gull (MCAV) chooses to winter in England, but others like MAFB undertake much longer southward journeys.


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