Friday, 25 April 2014

Odin's Informers

I posted a couple of images of a nest full of Raven chicks just over a week ago and yesterday they were preparing to fledge. The largest of them was making short hops about the rock face, so I wouldn't be surprised if he takes his first real flight today. The Raven was revered by some in ancient times and  other cultures feared them. I can understand both as they are clearly quite intelligent, but when they fix you with one of their dark looks who knows what they are planning? For me they conjure up thoughts of wild places. I often hear their distinctive calls when high-up in the Scottish mountains enveloped in cloud. They follow close by seemingly mocking me and maybe hoping to lure me into making a fatal mistake.

Raven Chicks

All Five Raven Chicks

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  1. They do look like trouble waiting to happen Carl!!!