Wednesday 16 April 2014

Barn Owl and Raven

I have been up early the last few mornings and as a reward I've enjoyed a great view of a Barn Owl and been delighted by a family of Ravens. The Raven surely must have a claim to master of the skies. Their skills are incredible, how many birds can you watch doing synchronised barrel rolls with their partner. I am sure I've even seen them flying backwards.

The Barn Owl appeared just after sunrise in a tree near to where they have bred in the past. The sun was only just breaking the horizon - the golden hour. I managed few quick photos before it disappeared into a hole in the tree. A couple of Jackdaws came out very fast after the owl went in, so I guess this is only a roosting hole.

Barn Owl

Five strong young Ravens were visible in a nest high up on the rock face. The distinctive croak of an adult alerted them to the arrival of breakfast. The five chicks are almost ready to fledge and so very soon they will be learning to fly like their parents. However, a few crash landings await them before they earn their 'wings'.

Breakfast is Served
Hungry Raven Chicks

Five Young Ravens


  1. Nice image and light mate...........

  2. Great image Carl, good to see a bird is still using the same site, is there a pair there?

  3. Just one adult seen so far, but hopefully there's a pair.