Tuesday 26 April 2016

Ravens in Leicestershire

Are the Number of Ravens in Leicestershire still increasing?

The sound of a Raven calling is less of a surprise when heard in Leicestershire than it used to be, but it is still great to hear. Its a sound that carries down the ages and reminds us of a wilder past.

I am lucky enough to hear them most days and luckier still to be able to get close to them. A pair have again nested on a large cliff face that I can gain access to.

The young Ravens are almost old enough to take flight and survey the world as only Ravens can. I took the opportunity to take some photographs this morning. I had seen four beaks poking up in the nest last week, but if you look closely at the photo below there is actually five of them.

Raven in Stoney Stanton

Raven in Leicestershire

Do you think the numbers of Ravens in Leicestershire are still increasing?


  1. Its good to see them doing quite well in the county Carl.

  2. Beautiful photos. These birds are quite intelligent.

  3. Definitely increasing rapidly. Must be using less obvious nest-sites now. Up to 46 on Albion Landfill recently, and a flock of 60 at Launde in March.