Friday 15 April 2016

International Gull Meeting

Image by Hans Larsson
By the time you read this I should already be enjoying the site of Caspian Gulls doing their long call. I am off to the International Gull Meeting in Saxony this weekend.

I'm most looking forward to the field day and getting some proper images of Caspian Gulls. This opportunity to study a mixed Caspian and Herring Gull breeding colony will hopefully allow me to make better sense of some of the gulls that make my head hurt at Shawell.

The trip will also give me the opportunity to meet up with some of the ringers who I communicate with regularly and also meet a few celebrity gull watchers.


Arrived safely in Bad Düben. Had lots of beer, met some really great people and in between beers we've seen some gulls. This is a nasty place for gulls and you must brace yourselves for some very scary pictures! 

Too be continued...

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