Saturday 26 April 2014

Shame on Malta - Please Read This.

Maltese hunters continue to pile shame on their country, as does the Maltese Government for allowing the hunting of migrating birds. Chris Packham is out in Malta highlighting this barbaric hunting practice. This isn't a new problem, but each year it piles more pressure on migrating birds. I visited Malta back in the early 1980's and during that trip I witnessed bird hunting at first hand. I ended up having a very heated conversation with two dodgy characters who were bird liming (bird lime is a sticky substance that traps birds when they step in it). I have since refused to visit the island, but maybe going back there to help support the guys who are trying to stop the hunting is a better idea.

I have previously written to the Maltese Government and signed every petition that I've come across. The Maltese Government replied with a fancy wax sealed envelope, but the letter only acknowledged they had received my letter.

I have written to one of my local MEP's, but that resulted in an email saying she is too busy to read it until June. I wonder how many more birds will be shot by then.

Chris Packham is producing videos during his trip to the islands this spring, which can be found HERE. These videos show just how organised the hunters are and that the hunting is being carried out  on an almost industrial scale. If you can afford it, please donate to the appeal for funds to help fight this disgusting practice. The appeal for donations was launched by Birdlife Malta and details of the appeal can be found HERE.

Of course this is but one problem for migrating birds and the leaders of Britain need to do their bit and help to prevent much of Britain turning into a bird less zone. A walk around farmland in Britain can be quite depressing with the highlight often being a few Pheasants and Red-legged Partridges - both introduced species for shooting!

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