Saturday 27 April 2013

First-Summer Ring-billed Gull

1st-summer Ring-billed Gull
I was keen to see this bird when the news broke, I even went to work early hoping to get out to see it. However, it didn't appear on Wednesday, the news didn't get to me until it was too late on Thursday and I was too busy on Friday. Luckily it was there today, which was much better as I didn't have to rush about.

It was originally found at Rutland Water, but then it was found spending it days at Melton Mowbray Country Park and roosting at Rutland Water.

1st-summer Ring-billed Gull 
1st-summer Ring-billed Gull
It needs to learn about coming to bread on demand, as it wasn't that interested in the loaf I offered it, but at least the ducks got a meal. 

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Ring-billed Gull

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  1. Gulls in Melton are used to eating Stilton and Pork pies :o)