Tuesday 8 April 2014

Glossy Ibis at Hicks Lodge

Having previously missed the Glossy Ibis at Rutland Water , I was excited to learn of another one and this time in Leicestershire rather than Rutland.

I left work just before 5 o'clock, casually eat my tea at home and then drove to Hicks Lodge. Luckily the Glossy Ibis was still present, although a little distant. Below is a poor quality screen grab from a short bit of video I managed to record. As well as the ibis, we spotted a Little Ringed Plover with quite a few white feathers on its wings and mantle. The white feathers didn't stop the other bird displaying to it however. 

Just before 7 o'clock the ibis took off without warning and flew off in a north-easterly direction eventually being lost to view.

Second Year Glossy Ibis, Hicks Lodge, Leicestershire

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