Saturday 6 February 2016

Protect Salgados Lagoons

Regular followers of my waffle will know that I enjoy trips to The Algarve. One of the best sites for birds is the Salgados Lagoons or Pera Marsh. The large lagoon at the site is an Internationally important staging post for migrating birds. The lagoon has had a chequered history. I have heard stories of it being drained to water the nearby golf course and being disturbed by 4x4 enthusiasts.

Recently efforts have been made to make it better for birds and birders, but now planning has been passed to develop the area. The Algarve does not need more hotels or golf courses, as there is already more availability than customers.

If you care about migrating birds please sign the petition by clicking on the Link below it doesn't cost anything: 

Protect Salgados for the future!

Bluethroats winter around the perimeter of the lake and everywhere you look wildfowl and herons vie for your attention. Scrubland to the west of the lagoons is a magnet to small migrant birds. Sub-alpine Warblers gather there in small numbers during autumn along with flycatchers, shrikes and the increasingly uncommon Turtle Dove.

Where will the Hoopoe feed if this habitat is concreted over?

Video of a Hoopoe at Salgados turning on a six pence:


  1. Certainly agree Carl, there is far to many buildings going up on these staging post for migrating birds, but sadly its usually money being invested in property, with the investors coming from other countries and could not give a damn about the wildlife

  2. That of course is the problem - please don't forget to sign the petition - it may just help.

  3. It's even worse in this country. Can everyone STOP voting for Tory/Labour/Liberal politicians, most of which are controlled to a large extent by extremely wealthy Property developers and huge corporate business. There'll be no wild areas left soon, just a conglomerate of concrete and tarmac, and chemically-soaked arable fields out in the countryside.

    Wake up Britain!


    ps have signed petition.