Thursday 1 January 2015

Caspian Gulls at Shawell During 2015

Caspian Gull Sightings at Shawell so far in 2015.
  1. Adult, January 1st.
  2. Adult, January 2nd (also December 29th 2014: 2014/39).
  3. Adult, January 2nd (also January 14th, plus November 29th and December 3rd 2014: 2014/33).
  4. Third-winter, January 2nd.
  5. Third-winter, January 7th (also January 17th) may not be pure, bill droops slightly.
  6. Adult, January 7th.
  7. Third-winter, January 10th (also January 24th).
  8. Third-winter, January 14th.
  9. Adult, January 20th (also January 21st).
  10. First-winter, January 20th.
  11. Third-winter, January 24th (seen at both the landfill site and at the lagoons, but not photographed).
  12. Adult, January 31st, colour-ringed, PADZ (also August 4th and previous sightings in 2014).
  13. Second-winter, January 31st.
  14. Advanced Third-winter, February 4th
  15. Second-winter, February 21st
  16. First-winter, February 21st
  17. First-winter, March 11th
  18. Second-summer, June 20th
  19. First-summer, July 11th
  20. Second-summer, July 11th
  21. Third-summer, July 25th
  22. Juvenile, August 1st (difficult ID)
  23. Adult, August 5th (also August 8th)
  24. Adult, August 8th (longest primaries moulted)
  25. Fourth-winter, August 22nd
  26. First-winter, September 5th
  27. Second-winter, September 16th (also September 19th)
  28. First-winter, September 22nd
  29. Third-winter, October 8th (also October 10th)
  30. First-winter, October 10th
  31. First-winter, November 7th, colour-ringed 10P6 (also November 25th)
  32. Adult, November 11th (November 13th), brighter bill than most at this time of the year, but otherwise OK
  33. Adult, November 12th (also November 13th)
  34. Fourth-winter, November 12th (also November 25th)
  35. Second-winter, November 12th (also November 13th)
  36. Fourth-winter, November 14th, small female (also November 21st)
  37. First-winter, November 25th
  38. First-winter, November 28th
  39. Third-winter, November 28th (possibly a hybrid)
  40. Fourth-winter, November 28th (also December 12th)
  41. First-winter, December 2nd
  42. Fourth-winter, December 17th (pale eyed)
  43. Adult, December 31st
Note: these are all considered to be different individuals - bill colour and unique marks plus eye colour was compared especially on adults to work out whether they were the same or not.

All presumed to be Caspian x Herring unless stated
  1. Adult, January 1st (also January 2nd, 10th and 14th).
  2. Adult, January 2nd(also January 17th) could be crossed with a Yellow-legged Gull or may be a Yellow-legged x Herring Gull hybrid.
  3. Second-winter, January 2nd.
  4. Adult, January 31st
  5. Juvenile, July 18th 
  6. Second-winter, September 16th
  7. Adult, October 28th
  8. Third-winter, November 4th (also November 7th)
  9. Adult, November 7th
  10. Adult, December 12th
  11. Adult, December 31st

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