Sunday 11 January 2015

I Egret Not looking...

This morning Adey Baker and I had a walk around the perimeter of the Earl Shilton Sewage Works hoping to find a Siberian Chiffchaf. The hoped for Sibe was obviously hiding today, but we did see an ordinary Chiffchaff. As we arrived at a spot where we saw a Green Sandpiper in 2014, I noticed a couple of white looking birds in the field. I decided that they were probably gulls reflecting the winter sun and ignored them, but Adey actually looked at them through his bins and got the find. Not a rarity nationally or in Leicestershire but locally they are still a good species. I'm sure my corny title gave the game away - yes there was a couple of Little Egrets in the field. They were too distant for anything other than a record shot as you can see from my heavily cropped photo below. We also got a Green Sandpiper, so not a bad hours work close to home.

Little Egrets Near Earl Shilton Sewage Works

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  1. Its about time one dropped in at Brascote GP again!! nice find mate.