Saturday 24 January 2015

Bloody Buzzards!

Today at Shawell Common Buzzards were causing havoc. The gulls would not settle, as the local buzzards were insisting on flying low over the lagoons on a frequent basis. A fox also got in on the act by trying to sneak up on the gulls. As a result the gulls would not settle and fewer stayed at the site. I may have to declare the site a no fly zone for buzzards. One cheeky so and so was perched in the hedge overlooking the bank the gulls rest on and it didn't notice me until I was virtually standing next to it!

Nevertheless at least two third-winter Caspian Gulls put in appearances and the big white Glaucous Gull was there for a short while (seen later at the landfill site).

Third-winter Caspian Gull, Shawell A5 Lagoons - also seen on January 10th
Second-winter Glaucous Gull, Shawell A5 Lagoons

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