Thursday, 28 June 2012

Having a Barnie

A couple of days ago I noticed a lot of white fluffy down on a tree close to one of my Little Owl sites.  I have occasionally seen a Barn Owl hunting nearby, so further investigation was called for. It took me couple of nights to spot the owners of the fluffy down, but it was well worth the hours spent quietly watching. Two, almost ready to fly, Barn Owl chicks appeared from out of a large cavity in the tree just before dark last night. Also an adult was hunting over the field behind the tree. I managed to get a few decent images despite it being almost  too dark for me to see the birds with the naked eye (ISO 2000 needed). I also took a short section of video showing the chick practising its funky dance moves. This is a significant find as Barn Owls are still scarce in the south-west of the county.

Barn Owl Chick
Wing Stretching

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  1. Excellent Carl, those 7D's surely have a quality video feature.