Saturday 9 June 2012

Going in the Right Direction

Earlier today I visited Brascote Pits and while I was there I met up with local birder Dave Taylor. Dave reminded me that there have been records of Bee Orchids at the site in previous years, so we decided to check out the area where we thought they might be. Dave spotted the first and then I quickly spotted another two. The weather wasn't really that good, so Dave took a quick record shot of one and I vowed to return later in the day as the weather was supposed to improve.  Birds seen included a single Redshank, a pair of Gadwall and several LRP's.

The weather did improve, so I went out this evening and photographed the orchid and I checked out three Little Owl sites: at the first there was no sign of the owls; at the second one of the adults was perched on the weather vane above the barn and at the last an adult flew into to what I suspected was the nest and a juvenile appeared at the entrance. This was my first view of a juvenile this year.

Please Stop This Thing Spinning 
Bee Orchid, Brascote Pits

Footnote: 13 Bee Orchids were located at Brascote Pits on June 24th 2012

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  1. Nice shot of the LO on the weather vein Carl, I know that site well, I have a box up there!

  2. Nice shot of the Bee Orchid Carl, I think it's been a good year for Bee Orchids!