Saturday 23 June 2012

More Hiding From the Owls

Normally adult Little Owls are very wary when a hide suddenly appears in their territory, but I was thrilled to see one of the adults right in front of me this morning. After a wait of over an hour, a chick (there only seems to be one at this site) appeared and it was obvious from its excitement that one of the adults was nearby. The youngster disappeared back down into the nest when some horses galloped by. I took the opportunity to reach for a drink and when I looked back an adult had appeared. The adult promptly went to sleep, so I had to wait for my shots. In the end the youngster joined its parent on the same perch. 

Adult Little Owl
That's My Boy
Stop Chewing My Feet


  1. Splendid images Carl, not had the chance yet to get over to this site. Maybe I'll leave it all to you beings as you are making such a good job of it!

    1. Check out Rid's fantastic images of Little Owls in flight: just go to Bag's Links and click on Owls About That Then.

      I'm very envious of his flight shots.