Thursday 14 June 2012

First Chick

This morning I managed to get my first half decent photo of one of this year's Little Owl chicks. I was in my hide again for a couple of hours before work and at least one of the chicks came to the nest hole and the adult female also put in an appearance, but the light was a bit poor whilst she was posing.
Another session this morning (15/06/2012) produced almost constant views of two chicks and the female was ever present and fed both chicks. I thought the female was going to make me late for work as she wouldn't disappear and let me leave the hide unseen. She eventually flew off, but the chicks watched me emerge from the hide and were unconcerned by my presence.

It's Bright Out Here
What's for Tea Mum?

The nest is quite close to a busy road, but if you listen carefully you can hear the youngsters calling.


  1. Nice bit of video footage Carl, I am glad that site has produced the goods for you.

  2. Lovely photos Carl, and nice to see the video too, very cute indeed. Looks like you had some sunshine - something in short supply this summer!

  3. Cheers guys, Darren the sunshine is in short supply here too, however, I've been lucky enough to get a couple of hours of decent weather early in the morning before the cloud and rain returns.