Sunday 14 June 2015

Herring Gull Chicks on a Rooftop in Leicester

The lovely people up at Sunningdale Business Park have not yet found the time to reply to a letter I sent them. I asked if I could survey the breeding gulls by viewing them from a building that overlooks the roof. Their head of security has also been very busy as well as he hasn't called me despite saying he would. Funnily enough Casepak who run the recycling centre where the gulls feed have also been too busy to reply to my request to view the gulls from a safe vantage point.

I understand that they may not want to give me access for some reason, but at least they could acknowledge my request! There is very little of interest up on the roof apart from the gulls, so I don't think I'll be able to carry out any industrial espionage.

Anyway a small part of the roof can be viewed from Scudamore Road and this morning I saw six Herring Gull chicks and a single Lesser black-backed chick. I know this because I watched them being fed by their parents.

The short video shows three of the Herring Gull chicks.


  1. Still waiting for a reply to a letter I wrote to them in May 2013 so I wouldn't hold your breath Carl.

  2. I received a reply today from the managing agents and was basically told that I couldn't have access on Healthy & Safety grounds. I have replied correcting them about requesting access on to the roof, I actually asked to view the roof from the safety of the office block that overlooks the roof. I have asked them to reconsider and allow me half an hour to count the nesting birds. Hopefully they will see that my request is reasonable and change there mind.

  3. I thought they would play the health and safety card mate,I do hope they reconsider your request there is no reason not to. Fingers crossed for you mate.


  4. Their latest response can be read below:

    Thanks, but you’ll appreciate that currently it is a very busy time on site and we are unable to cater for any non-essential visitors. Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance. Not very charitable but I'm not surprised.