Tuesday 23 August 2016

Gannet at Thornton Reservoir

It was too late to go for the Gannet at Thornton Reservoir when I noticed the bird news on Sunday night. It then appeared to be on its last legs last night, but tonight it was reported to be flying about.

After tea Dawn, Georgina and I took a leisurely drive over to Thornton. The ladies walked away from the car park and then rushed back to tell me they had seen it and it was flying. I had visions of it flying away high to the west and me not getting to see it. No fear it was soon back down on the water. Hopefully it will regain its strength and get away although it may need to feed first. It flew around several times whilst we were there.

Gannet, Thornton Reservoir, August 23rd 2016


  1. Is this gannet destined to die or might it survive and get back to the coast where it belongs? Why does anyone think is it in Thornton?

  2. Yes it's at Thornton Reservoir, Thornton, Leicestershire. Hopefully it will survive. Attempts have been made to feed it a couple of Mackerel I understand.