Sunday 31 July 2016

Marsh Harrier Over Braunstone Frith

I was over at the old British Shoe site this morning checking on my baby seagulls when all of a sudden pandemoniom struck. Gulls came rushing towards me from the recycle centre and hundreds took off from the remaining part of the roof. Often when something like this happens there is no obvious reason for it, but I spotted a largish bird of prey. I rattled of a few photos and then checked what it was with my binoculars.

I was well impressed when I realised it was a juvenile Marsh Harrier. It was perhaps attracted to the site by the gulls, but they gave it one hell of a telling off and it just kept heading north.

I managed to at least get a poor record shot of it, but you can make it out as a juvenile Marsh Harrier.

1 comment:

  1. Just goes to show Carl what goes over our heads with most of the time not being seen, good spot mate