Thursday 28 July 2016

Colour Ringed Caspian Gull Returns

I took a ride over to Shawell last night, as its now time to start searching for juvenile Caspian Gulls. There wasn't much happening at the lagoons, so I decided to see if any gulls were viewable in the sand quarry next to the landfill site. There were plenty of gulls, but they were too distant. A single gull was resting on a mound of earth about half way between me and the main gathering. I learnt along time ago that it is always worth setting up your scope for a loan gull, as it just might be a good one.

It was indeed a good one - a colour-ringed sub-adult Caspian Gull - get in there!

I couldn't read its colour-ring, as the ring was facing the wrong way and the code was not visible. It then decided to fly and join the main group. I watched it land and as it walked I could see it had an injured leg. Could it be the bird I saw it 2014, as that one had an injured leg.

Something disturbed the gulls and they flew south towards the lagoons. Before going to the lagoons I checked another part of the site and there was the Caspian Gull sat amongst about 500 gulls. In 2014 it spent more time lying down than standing. After about 30 minutes it stood up and I was able to read its colour-ring - green XNDJ.

I First found XNDJ back in October 2014 at Shawell A5 Lagoons. It was great to see it is still around.

XNDJ went to Earlswood Lakes, Warwickshire during the previous two winters, so it will be interesting to see if it goes there again.

XNDJ was still around on Saturday the 30th at both the landfill site and the lagoons.

Third-Summer Caspian Gull XNDJ
Third-Summer Caspian Gull XNDJ, July 2017, Shawell A5 Lagoons
Second-Winter Caspian Gull XNDJ, October 2014, Shawell A5 Lagoons

Video of XNDJ:

Don't forget if it doesn't do it automatically, change the video quality to HD

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