Sunday 24 June 2012

South-West Leicestershire List

I have finally, with the help of Adey Baker, created the 'South-West Leicestershire Bird List'. The list is an account of all the species recorded in south-west Leicestershire that are considered acceptable by the authors. Whilst compiling the list we have found some very good records which hopefully will be found acceptable by the LROS records committee in due course.

The boundary of 'South-West Leicestershire Bird List' Is one of my own making. 
To see the list please CLICK HERE

You will need to install 'Google Drive' if the list won't open Click Here for Download.

If the list doesn't work correctly on your pc email me at and I''ll send you a copy of the pdf file.


  1. Hi Carl
    When clicking on the hyper link it takes me into google drive and no list???????

    1. Hi Colin,

      I'm not sure why that is, I've checked it on four computers and it went straight to the list on those. I also know that others have found it OK. Try clearing your history and have another go. I'll email you the list in the mean time.

  2. Hi Colin,

    You need to install Google Drive for your PC to open up the list.
    Go to the link above.