Tuesday 23 September 2014

Stonechats at Brascote Pits

I had just enough time to do a circuit of Brascote Pits this morning before work. As I neared the area that is described as the moon scape or the desert, I thought how good it would be for a shrike to be sitting on the distant gorse bushes. I raised my bins based solely on that thought and I was surprised to see a bird actually sitting on top of the bushes. It was a bit too distant, but I thought it looked like a Stonechat. I moved closer and could see that it was a Stonechat. In fact there were three Stonechats, which is an excellent record for Leicestershire these days. Since the cold winters 0f 10/11 and 12/13 the wintering numbers in Leicestershire have fallen dramatically. Hopefully last winter's mild weather and this year's good breeding season have helped their numbers to increase nationally.

They are still there this evening and have been seen by at least two other birders.

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  1. John Statham attempted to digiscope them Carl, dont know if he got any decent images tho thanks again for the info