Wednesday 24 September 2014

First Year Caspian Gull Again

This is probably my last trip to Shawell on a Wednesday evening until next year, as the sun sets too early now to give me much time. I did manage to get a site tick in the form of a couple of un-spectacular Red-crested Pochards, but the highlight was seeing the same 1CY Caspian Gull that I saw last Wednesday.

It looked much greyer this week but this was most likely down to the light. The notching on the outer greater coverts was the same which lead me to the conclusion that it is the same gull.

1CY Caspian Gull - Well Snouty!

1CY Caspian Gull

1CY Caspian Gull

1CY Caspian Gull - Nice Long Legs
1CY Caspian Gull
Compare the Caspian Gull above with the first-winter Herring Gull below.

First-winter Herring Gull

I almost missed the two strange looking ducks below whilst I was searching through the gulls. Just like the Black-necked Grebe at the weekend they liked to hide in the corner out of view. Steve Nichols arrived and luckily they eventually came out and gave him a view. It's interesting to compare the two drakes.

Drake Red-crested Pochards

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