Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mediterranean Gull

Below is a short video of a juvenile Mediterranean Gull that I found at Shawell A5 Lagoons, Leicestershire on August 31st:

Black-headed Gull numbers had increased since my last visit and amongst them was a smart juvenile Mediterranean Gull. It is just over twelve months since I last found a Med Gull at the site and that was also a juvenile.

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull
Yesterday was another good day for Yellow-legged Gulls at Shawell with at least 11 different individuals present on the A5 Lagoons. Amongst them were two juveniles: one that was also there last Wednesday and a new bird. Three 2nd-winter birds were also seen, one of which is pictured below. No Caspian Gulls were seen, but their numbers increase in winter whereas Yellow-legged Gull numbers fall during the winter months.

2nd-winter Yellow-legged Gull

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