Thursday 3 May 2012

Still Searching for the White Stuff

All being well, I'm off to Scotland again for a week starting tomorrow. There is snow on the hills, so I've dusted off my ice axe and crampons ready for a bit more action. The weather forecast for the weekend suggests it is going to be unseasonably cold for May. There is talk of lots of snow in the Highlands, which wasn't what I was expecting, but you have to be prepared for whatever comes.

 I'm not actually staying in Aviemore this time, but I won't be that far away. My wife and I will be staying at a place called Garve, which I may have passed through, but I don't really know that much about. It does, however, look good for searching for and photographing Dippers. There is a fast flowing river close by, so I'll be also packing my small hide. It is always good to go somewhere different. The idea is that we can visit some of the west coast sites and hopefully, weather permitting, climb Ben Eighe.

 I can see lots of snow on Cairngorm via the Loch Morlich web cam, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if I don't end up having an adventure in the snow before arriving at Garve. 

More or Less What the Webcam is Showing at Present

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