Saturday 26 May 2012

Go West

I had an urge to visit the west of Leicestershire and search for Corn Buntings. Corn Buntings are scarce in the county, but a few can usually be found around Twycross. One of the best spots has traditionally been near to Orton-on-the-Hill, but I drew a blank there this morning. I did find three singing birds at other locations, so there are still some out there. Song perches are very important to these birds and perhaps the reason the regular site at Orton-on-the-Hill appears to have been abandoned is that the tree the bird normally sings from has been given a haircut. However, other birds are usually found singing from telephone wires nearby  but none were found.

Corn Bunting
I also saw three Yellow Wagtails including a pair together in suitable breeding habitat. Unfortunately no photographs were obtained. Just south of Twycross a Little Owl was perched on telephone wires above the road. It was early so I managed to pull over and take some photos. 

Little Owl

The highlight of the day was finding a Quail singing near to Appleby Magna.

Wasn't the weather stunning today?

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