Saturday 19 May 2012

Brascote Pits

While I was away in Scotland I missed a Bar-tailed Godwit at Brascote Pits, which was a site first. This is a great bird for my corner of Leicestershire, however, I do like to see all of the good birds myself if I can, so it hurts to have missed this one. I am still gathering supporting information on it (listen to me getting all important), as I will need to add it to the local area list. That is when I finally decide on the boundaries of my local listing area. 

I have now seen a photograph of the Barwit and found out that it was there for a week.

With this in mind I set out this morning to even the score with an excellent find for myself. I didn't manage it, but there were a few good birds there today including:

2 Shelduck
2 Grey Partridge
3 Ringed Plovers
3 Dunlin
4 Oystercatcher
2 Common Tern
1 Little Owl
20+ Swift
30+ Swallow

The mega will have to wait until tomorrow I guess.

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