Tuesday 27 June 2017

Caspian Gull Score at Shawell 2017

All those listed below are considered to be different individuals, however, some duplication is inevitable:

  1. second-winter, January 4th (also seen December 2016)
  2. adult, January 4th
  3. adult, January 4th & 6th
  4. second-winter, January 6th
  5. adult, January 11th
  6. sub-adult, January 18th
  7. adult, January 27th
  8. first-winter, January 27th & 28th and February 7th
  9. third-winter, February 3rd & 4th
  10. first-winter, February 3rd
  11. first-winter, February 4th & 7th
  12. first-winter, February 4th
  13. first-winter, February 6th
  14. first-winter, February 7th
  15. first-winter, February 7th
  16. second-winter, February 7th
  17. first-winter, February 18th
  18. first-winter, February 18th
  19. first-winter, February 18th
  20. second-winter, February 18th
  21. first-winter, March 25th
  22. first-winter, March 25th and April 1st
  23. first-winter, April 8th, November 11th & 25th and December 9th (German colour-ring X312) probably a hybrid
  24. first-winter, April 15th
  25. first-winter, April 15th
  26. first-winter, April 29th
  27. first-summer, May 13th
  28. first-summer, May 13th
  29. first-summer, July 13th and 22nd, 27th & 29th
  30. first-summer, July 15th
  31. adult, July 16th and 22nd
  32. second-summer, July 29th
  33. first-summer, July 29th
  34. juvenile, August 10th and 12th
  35. juvenile, August 12th
  36. first-summer, August 12th & 19th
  37. first-summer, August 19th
  38. third-summer, August 19th
  39. juvenile, August 24th
  40. juvenile (just staring post juvenile moult), September 7th and 9th
  41. juvenile (just staring post juvenile moult), September 7th and 9th, 19th, 23rd plus October 14th and 26th (German colour-ring X477)
  42. second summer/winter, September 7th and 9th, 16th
  43. juvenile (just staring post juvenile moult), September 9th and 12th, 16th (German colour-ring X454)
  44. juvenile (just staring post juvenile moult), September 9th and 14th, October 14th and November 11th & 25th (German colour-ring X739)
  45. juvenile, small female (just staring post juvenile moult), September 9th and 16th
  46. juvenile, large male (just staring post juvenile moult), September 9th
  47. second summer/winter, September 9th
  48. second summer/winter, large male, September 9th
  49. juvenile (just staring post juvenile moult), distinct bird with some short outer greater coverts, September 9th
  50. adult, September 14th
  51. first-winter, September 16th
  52. first-winter, September 16th
  53. adult, September 23rd
  54. sub-adult, September 25th
  55. second-winter, October 14th
  56. second-winter, October 14th
  57. second-winter, October 14th (German colour-ring X072)
  58. first-winter, October 14th
  59. first-winter, October 14th
  60. first-winter, October 14th
  61. first-winter, October 26th and 28th
  62. adult, October 26th
  63. adult, October 26th
  64. second-winter, October 26th
  65. third-winter, October 26th
  66. second-winter, October 28th
  67. second-winter, October 28th and November 4th
  68. second-winter, October 28th
  69. first-winter, October 28th
  70. first-winter, October 28th and November 4th
  71. first-winter, October 28th
  72. first-winter, November 3rd, 4th and 11th.
  73. first-winter, November 4th
  74. first-winter, November 4th
  75. adult, November 11th
  76. adult, November 11th
  77. second-winter, November 11th
  78. second-winter, November 11th
  79. second-winter, November 11th
  80. first-winter, November 11th
  81. first-winter, November 11th
  82. first-winter, November 18th
  83. adult, November 18th
  84. second-winter, November 18th and 25th
  85. adult, November 25th
  86. second-winter, November 25th
  87. first-winter, November 25th and December 9th
  88. third-winter, November 2nd
  89. third-winter, November 9th and December 16th
  90. adult, December 12th
  91. adult, December 12th and 23rd
  92. second-winter, December 12th and 23rd
  93. first-winter, December 16th
  94. first-winter, December 16th
  95. first-winter, December 16th
  96. adult, December 23rd and 28th
  97. first-winter, December 23rd
  98. first-winter, December 23rd
  99. second-winter, December 23rd
  100. second-winter, December 28th
  101. third-winter, December 28th

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