Wednesday 8 July 2015

Update on the Urban Gulls

The gulls on the old British Shoe building in Leicester are doing OK despite my worries about the building being demolished any time soon. I believe it is scheduled to be knocked down very soon, but luckily the first juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gulls have fledged. Last night three young LBBGs were on the roof of the re-cycle plant on the opposite side of the road to the breeding site.

Juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull, Leicester

It can be difficult to positively ID some of these chicks, because you can see both species of gull standing close to them and it isn't always obvious who the parents are.

In the video below two immature Herring Gulls are standing close to the chick and just prior to that and adult HG was standing next to it, but I think it becomes clear that it is a LBBG. Just watch what its mother does to it.

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