Sunday 12 July 2015

Gulls are Not Just for Christmas

The promise of 'white-wingers' in the depths of winter excites avid gull watchers, but for me there is excitement in mid-summer as well. As soon as gulls have finished breeding they start wandering.

Yesterday's highlights included 25 Yellow-legged Gulls (5 juveniles), two Caspian Gulls (a first and second-summer), a juvenile Mediterranean Gull and the first Great Black-backed Gull for a while. The Red kites were also trying to hunt the gulls.

More remarkably was the re-sighting of a Croatian ringed Black-headed Gull, SJ22, which I last clocked eyes on in September 2009 - See Here.

Second-Summer Caspian Gull, Cotesbach Landfill Site, 11/07/15
Below is a video of some of the highlights including the second-summer Caspian Gull and a couple of juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls (again best to change settings to HD and click on the YouTube logo to launch it)

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