Saturday 4 July 2015

The Gulls are on the Move Again

One of the most exciting things about watching a site regularly is seeing the subtle changes each time you visit. It only seems five minutes since the adult gulls had moved away to breed. Last weekend there was an obvious change as a small group of Black-headed Gulls had appeared and Yellow-legged Gull numbers had increased. Today 18 Yellow-legged Gulls were present including a fresh juvenile. Also a smart pair of Mediterranean Gulls were feeding together at the tip. I first heard their distinctive call and eventually I spotted them feeding together. 

Adult Mediterranean Gull, Cotesbach LF, 04/07/15
Second-summer Yellow-legged Gull

A Green Sandpiper feeding around the edges of one of the pools near the landfill site also hinted that autumn passage has already begun.

Below is a short video showing the pair of adult Mediterranean Gulls. Best watched by clicking on the YouTube logo and in settings select 720p HD.

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