Wednesday 18 April 2012

Patch Work

Croft Hill
Fosse Meadows
There are only a few wildlife sites in my corner of Leicestershire that are particularly noteworthy, but with a bit of effort there are rewards if your prepared to put in the leg work. The most well known sites are Brascote Pits, Burbage Common, Croft Hill, Fosse Meadows and Frolesworth Manor Lake. I keep threatening to compile a list for the area, but it's difficult to define the actual extent of it. I will attempt to do it this year as the list is pretty impressive for an area with only a few small bodies of water.

I'll also add some more pictures so you can get an idea about the sites, but for now enjoy a few bird photos.

Oystercatcher, Brascote Pits
Common Buzzard, Brascote Pits
Avocet, Brascote Pits, May 2011

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