Saturday 7 April 2012

A Little Challenge

I've always had a soft spot for Little Owls and I am keen to get some great shots of this species. Up until last year I'd managed a few passable digiscoped shots, but they had alluded my DSLR. After a few tips from the county Little Owl expert, Paul Riddle, I started work at a couple of local sites. There are a number of challenges photographing hole nesting birds. The two sites I worked were both in the shade for much of the day and when the sun did get on the trees the light was nearly always too intense - never happy!

Juvenile Little Owl
I have started checking the breeding sites close to my home and I've seen adult birds at four out of five sites so far. This bodes well for this year, but for the time being here are some of my results from last year:

Little Owl Chick
Dinner is Served
Who Me?
Fresh Air at Last

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  1. The picture captioned 'who me' certainly put a smile on my face, with the owl at the back poking its way into the picture.