Saturday, 24 August 2019

Pied Flycatcher

A quick visit to Croft Hill yielded a longer than expected stay and a lovely female/1st-winter Pied Flycatcher.

Croft Hill has proven to be attractive to this species over the years. Below are all the records I'm aware of from south-west Leicestershire (some might be south Leicestershire but they fall within my personal boundary for south-west Leicestershire.

1.            Pied Flycatchera locally scarce passage migrant.
1901: one at Cotesbach Hall on April 19th (Birds of Leicestershire & Rutland).
1912: a male at Burbage on April 28th (Birds of Leicestershire & Rutland).
1944: a pair at Kirby Mallory from June 6th to 13th (Birds of Leicestershire & Rutland).
1950 –1954: during the period five singles were recorded on Croft Hill (Eric Pochin).
1961: one at Higham Grange on June 5th (Birds of Leicestershire & Rutland).
1978: a pair at Market Bosworth on May 3rd (Birds of Leicestershire & Rutland).
1986: one at Cadeby Quarry on August 17th (DT).
1996: one atBurbage Outwoods on September 27th (ABa).
2000: a female at Fosse Meadows on July 25th (GER).
2004: a male on Croft Hill on April 24th (CDB, ABa).
2008: a male on Croft Hill on April 18th (DT), plus two female/immature at the same site during September: one from 8th to 10th (NWH et al) and another on the 27th (ABa, CDB).
2012: female/immature at Croft Hill on September2nd (ABa).
2015: female/immature ‘types’ at Croft Hill on August 7th (CDB, ABa, RBa) and August 16th (CDB, ABa).
2016: female/immature at Croft Hill on August 21st (CDB, ABa, DT).
2017: female/immature at Croft Hill on July 30th (ABa, CDB) and a male on August 19th (CDB).
2019female/immature at Croft Hill on August 24th (CDB et al.).

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