Saturday, 31 August 2019


An early start at Brascote Pits this morning paid off. Luckily I looked closely at a group of Mallards, as hiding amongst them was a Garganey. The upper wing showed a pale grey area and the white bands are broad and so it looks to be an eclipse drake.

It was very wary and flew for no apparent reason, but only as far as the adjacent pit. 

Garganey and Mallard, Brascote Pits 31st August 2019

Garganey and Teal, Brascote Pits 31st August 2019 - photo Adey Baker

Short video

Sightings for South-west Leicestershire 
1976: two at Huncote Sandpits on October 9th (GAD).
2015: pair at Brascote Pits on April 14th (AP et al).
2018: drake at Brascote Pits on April 28th (CDB, ABa, CSG et al).
2019: female at Shawell Sand Quarry from May 15th to 18th (CDB, SN et al.) and an eclipse drake at Brascote Pits on August 31st (CDB, ABa).

Things were quiet at Shawell, but an adult and juvenile Hobby made the effort worthwhile.

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