Sunday 11 March 2018

Juvenile Iceland Gull

During my protracted absence from Shawell I've missed some Iceland Gulls. On 21/02/18 Steve Nichols had an adult and second-winter and on 07/03/18 David Scott and Rod Baker had a juvenile and a second-winter.

Well hopefully things are back to normal for me and I've now managed a couple of visits. I spotted a juvenile Iceland Gull during both visits, but deciding whether they are the same bird or not isn't easy. I have a feeling that they might not be the same, but I can't see much difference in the video screen grabs. The first bird shows distinct spotting on its tertials, but they were not visible on the second bird. However, the second bird was distant, so they may just not have been visible.

I presume it or one of them is the same as the juvenile seen by David Scott and Rod Baker on 07/03/18.

Juvenile Iceland Gull, Shawell

Juvenile Iceland Gull, Shawell

Below is a short video:

A Russian ringed Herring Gull was a good sighting, only my second colour-ringed gull from Russia.

Russian Ringed Herring Gull KL47, Shawell

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