Wednesday 21 March 2018

Colour-Ring Readings

I have recently read colour-rings on a couple of exciting birds.

The first one was in Portugal at the Portimao Fish Harbour. I mentioned in a previous blog that I had see nine Caspian Terns arrive and settle down on some rough ground with roosting gulls. Well one of them had a yellow cr and the code PFS. It had been ringed as a chick at NÄRPIÖ, POHJANMAA, VAASA (SF88), FINLAND. 62°30′N 21°06′E. 

Map Showing Ringing Location in Finland and My Sighting of it in Portugal

Caspian Tern Photographed in the Dark at Portimao (6400 ISO)

The second sighting was of a colour-ringed Herring Gull that was ringed in Russia at Kandalakshskiy Nature Reserve, Severnoe lesnichestvo, isl. Farvaternaya. I saw it on 09/03/18 at Cotesbach Landfill site. Amazingly this bird KL47 was relocated at Poolsbrook Country Park on 15/03/18 by Richard Lowe.

Map Showing Ringing Location in Russia and Cotesbach landfill site

Russian Ringed Herring Gull KL47

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  1. These sea birds certainly put in some miles Carl!!