Saturday, 20 January 2018

Caspian Gulls

It was raw at Shawell today. It rained or sleeted all day and the temperature struggled to climb above zero. However, my viewing spot at the tip is closer to the gulls than ever before. I was able to take photos of three different Caspian Gulls, although in total I saw seven or eight - an adult, three second-winters and three or maybe even four first-winters.

The photos were taken using my scope as the lens. The scope was set at 30 x and I had to use ISO2000 due to the appalling conditions.

First-Winter (bird 1)
First-Winter Caspian Gull Bird 1: note that it has replaced some wing coverts

First-Winter (Bird 2)
Second-winter Caspian Gull
I also took some video of one of the first-winters and I am very pleased with the quality.

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