Sunday, 21 January 2018

First-Winter Gulls

I have been trying to get some good quality video of the gulls recently. Here is a comparison of first-winter gulls. These are filmed using an adapter that connects my DSLR to my Swarovski spotting scope.

The first one is a first-winter Yellow-legged Gull. This is a fine bird: note the contrast between grey mantle and brown scapulars, white head and black tail bar that tapers at the outside. Also note the new outer greater covert and some lesser coverts.

Next up is a Herring Gull, which is much more juvenile like than the other two species. This one is most likely an argentatus from a northern population.

Last is a Caspian Gull. Note the more elegant profile and the neatness of the bird. The coverts are much plainer than the other two and the mantle lacks the obvious dark markings of the Yellow-legged Gull.

Yellow-legged and Caspian Gulls are born earlier in the year than Herring Gulls especially herring Gulls from northern localities. As a result they mature quicker.

Enjoy, but remember best watched at HD quality.

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