Friday 9 December 2016

Dusky Thrush

As you might know, a first-winter Dusky Thrush was discovered in Derbyshire earlier this week. Large crowds gathered and the TV cameras arrived. I had been very busy one way or another mid-week, so I put it to the back of my mind. However, I eventually succumbed to the pressure and decided to try a quick dash to Beeley this morning.

Beeley is a small village, so I'm sure the residents are quite amazed by the invasion of birders. They seemed to be enjoying the event and were making the most of it. Tea and buns were on offer and I'm sure the village pub has done well out of it.

Anyway the bird was showing on arrival but distantly. Eventually it headed to a small field and fed on apples. Photography was very difficult due to needing to get close to the bird, but there was a 2 metre tall wall in the way. I did manage a few record shots by standing on my tip toes, but they are nothing to shout about.

Mission accomplished and back to work before I was missed - result!

First-Winter Dusky Thrush, Beeley, Derbyshire, December 9th 2016

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  1. Lot better image than I managed on Saturday Mate....