Wednesday 5 August 2015

The Return of Caspian Gull PADZ

I decided to try Cotesbach Landfill Site again yesterday evening in the hope of bagging a 'classic' juvenile Caspian Gull. I didn't get what I went for, but I did spot an old friend. The gulls were mostly distant, probably trying to get some shelter from the strong wind, but even so I spotted an adult Caspian Gull amongst them. Although it was at least 400 metres away, I could see it had a yellow colour-ring. Straining my eyes and fighting the wind, I managed to read the middle letters - AD. Surely it must be my old friend PADZ, but before I could work on the other letters it wandered behind some tall plants.

Eventually I turned my attention to the gulls feeding on the tip and, you guessed it, PADZ appeared amongst them and posed well enough for me to confirm my fourth sighting of this bird.

Adult Caspian Gull PADZ - Polish Ringed

I first saw PADZ almost a year ago - see HERE

It obviously likes Leicestershire as it is building up a nice set of records for Albion Landfill site and the Shawell area.

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  1. These gulls know a good County when they see one mate!!