Saturday 30 November 2013

More Caspian Gulls

For a change I spent some time at Shawell again today. The area that is being landfilled is visible from the roadside along Gibbet Lane again. No good for reading rings due to the distance, but I did pick out an adult and a second-winter Caspian Gull amongst the thousands of feeding gulls.

In the end I saw two second-winter Caspian Gulls and both were present at the A5 Lagoons at the same time during the afternoon. I'm pretty sure that one of them was the bird I spotted at the landfill site earlier in the day. The one below appears to have quite pale eyes. Seen closely they are coffee coloured.

Second-winter Caspian Gull

As well as the Caspian Gulls, at least five Yellow-legged Gulls (four adults and a fourth-winter) were in the area. Numbers of LBB Gulls have fallen at the moment, but over a thousand Herring Gulls using the site.

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