Monday 22 July 2013

A Quick Update

I've just returned from a week in Scotland and whist I was away, Steve Nicholls found a splendid summer plumaged Black-necked Grebe at Shawell A5 Lagoons. Luckily it is still there and I finally saw it yesterday morning. This is the 199th species to be recorded in the south-west Leicestershire area.
Black-necked Grebe
Black-necked Grebe

Whilst I was there a summer plumaged Turnstone put in a brief appearance. This is only the second record for the SW Leics List after three together at Frolesworth Manor Lake in 1997.


I will update the south-west Leicestershire list in due course, but I'll wait until the BN Grebe goes.

So what will the 200th species be?

A trip report for my jaunt to Scotland will be posted shortly....

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