Sunday, 30 September 2012

Snow in September

Yes it's true, we did enjoy a bit of un-seasonal snow in Scotland during September.

During our two week stay in Aviemore we experienced snow during quite a few walks, although admittedly only on the higher peaks. On one particular day I decided to spice things up with some steep climbs. Sam and I set off to climb Pinnacle Gully via the Goat Path and Coire Domhain. The Goat Path climbs up the back wall of Coire an t-Sneachda and as the name implies, it requires four points of contact at times - It also gets your blood pumping. 

Sam just After Climbing up the Goat Path
From the top of the Goat Path we headed south to the start of the descent of Coire Domhain.

Sam about to Start the descent of Coire Domhain
Another visit was needed to the Shelter Stone, but from there it was straight up into gully. 

Loch Avon and its Sandy Beaches!
Sam Sitting Under Forefinger Pinnacle
The climb up the gully was fairly straightforward, but the youngster did have to stop for a rest. From there we climbed steadily towards the summit of Carn Etchachan stopping every now and again to peer over the vertigo inducing cliffs that plunge towards Loch Avon.

Looking Down to Loch Avon From the Top of Pinnacle Gully

The land between Carn Etchachan and Ben Macdui is really wild and remote - just how I like it.  

Sam in the Wilderness
Sound navigation was required for the next part of our adventure as we were heading to Ben Macdui (Britain's second highest place) and it had started to snow quite hard.

 Bagged the Mac

We decided to take the long way home and once again cross the great chasm of Loch Avon. Ptarmigan had been in short supply, but we did come across a small group at Loch Etchachan.


The steep climb up the Coire Raibert at the end of a long walk was an energy sapper, but we both made it back for a chippy tea in Aviemore.

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  1. Stunning landscapes Carl, I don't know where you get your energy! The Ptarmigan shot is another beauty.