Friday 10 January 2020

Kumlien's Still

A quick visit to Shawell this morning revealed that both the pale juvenile Glaucous Gull and the third-winter Kumlien's Gull were still taking advantage of the food the landfill provides. A surprise first-winter Med Gull was also there.

The place wash awash with gulls, so hopefully a few more white-wingers will join the party.

The primary markings on the Kumlien's can be really obvious in dull light, but in the bright sunlight today it was harder to spot. Its eyes are pale, but not as pale as typical sub-adult Iceland Gulls - more of a honey colour in most lights.

In the photo below the subterminal bar on P9 is just visible. This became more obvious went in flew back on to the water.

Third-winter Kumlien's Gull at Shawell Sand Quarry 10th January 2020
Open Image of Third-winter Kumlien's Gull

The open wing image shows the darker markings on the outer webs of P10 to P7. A sub terminal mark is just visible on P9. I have read that the markings darken as the bird ages.

Glaucous Gull

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