Saturday 30 March 2019

Third-winter Iceland Gull

It was a little quiet this morning at Shawell, as most of the gulls were hiding out of view behind a large earth bank. Around 13:00 a few more gulls came to the sandpit off Gibbet Lane and whilst searching through them I noticed a small gull hiding behind a sleeping Great Black-backed Gull. Its head looked quite Iceland Gull like, but its primary feathers were hidden as it was stood facing me. I moved to a better position to view its primaries and as I expected they were white.

It looked quite mature apart from its coverts, which were a slightly paler grey. Its bill was quite yellow, with a marking on the lower mandible only and its eyes were very pale. All these features suggest it may best be aged as a third-winter.

Third-Winter Iceland Gull, Shawell, March 30th 2019
Third-Winter Iceland Gull

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