Saturday 7 April 2018

More Fun at Shawell

Steve Lister saw a juvenile Iceland Gull at Shawell on Thursday , which we  initially thought was one of the birds that had been around for a while. However, yesterday lunchtime I was passing, so I had half an hour looking at the gulls and luckily a juvenile Iceland Gull dropped in. Its outer primaries were browner than the rest of its primaries, which was very distinctive and it was definitely a new bird. Today I saw Friday's bird and another new juvenile. The new one had a pink base to its bill, which Steve's bird had, so it could be the same one. We may well be up to 12 Iceland Gulls for for the the 2107/2018 winter now.

Juvenile Iceland Gull, Shawell Sandpit, April 6th 2018
Juvenile Iceland Gull, Shawell A5 Lagoons, April 7th 2018
As well as the 'white-wingers', at this time of year I'm looking for Baltic Gulls. Especially the colour-ringed bird I saw in 2014 and 2016. I spotted the bird below, which must be one, but without a colour-ring no cigar!

Presumed Baltic Gull, Shawell Sandpit, April 7th 2018


  1. Stunner of a Baltic Gull that one Carl - different in so many ways

  2. Great image of the presumed Baltic Gull Car, it really shows how elongated the bird is. It looks a bit strange to say the least.

  3. A nice clear Baltic Gull