Friday 6 April 2018

Caspian Gull Score at Shawell 2018

After reaching a total of 101 different birds last year, I have decided to just record day counts from now on. It was becoming increasingly difficult to separate individuals especially amongst the juvenile/first-winter birds that change rapidly.


  • Seven on January 6th (3  first-winter, 2  second-winter and 2 adults)
  • Six on January 13th (2 adults, 1 fourth-winter, 2 third-winter and a first-winter)
  • Three on January 27th (1 adult, 1 second-winter and 1 first-winter)
  • One on January 28th (second-winter)
  • Three on January 31st ( adult and two first-winters)
Total for January 25

  • three on February 3rd (second-winter and 2 first-winters - one of the first-winters first seen on January 31st)

Total for February 2 (poor total due to illness and the IGM)

  • three on March 14th (3 first-winters)
  • three on March 21st (2 second-winters and a first-winter)
  • five on March 24th (sub-adult, 1 third-winter, 3 first-winters)
  • four on March 31st (1 second-winter and 3 first-winters)
Total for March 15

  • one on April 1st (first-winter) also seen on March 31st
  • one April 6th (first-winter)
  • four on April 14th (three first-winters, I suspect two were hybrids, and a third-summer) 
  • one on April 18th (second-summer). German colour-ring X072
  • one on April 21st (first-summer). German colour-ring X935

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