Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Reappearance of HD430

Back in mid-August I read the colour ring on a first calendar-year Yellow-legged Gull at Shawell. I identified it in the field as a Yellow-legged Gull, but noted it was very fresh looking. I saw it again yesterday at Shawell and it has now moulted into classic first-winter plumage.

HD430 on August 12th 2017

HD430 October 28th 2017
There is up to 12 Caspian Gulls in the area including colour-ringed bird X477, which has been seen regularly since 9th September.

Very Small Adult Female Caspian Gull
Second Calendar-Year Caspian Gull

I was surprised to find a Common Gull still in juvenile plumage this late in the year. All the other first calendar-year Common Gulls were in first-winter plumage.

Juvenile Common Gull

Typical October First Calendar-Year Common Gull With Adult

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