Saturday, 1 April 2017

Iceland Gull

It has been a difficult month at Shawell - plenty of gulls, but difficult to pin down. Today Steve Nichols and I were scanning through a group of gulls when Steve spotted a a second calendar-year Iceland Gull.  It's hard to tell whether it is the same juvenile that I saw in both January and February with faded plumage, or is it a new bird?

Iceland Gull, Shawell, 01/04/2017

Iceland Gull, February 11th 2017


  1. Could be the one from Birmingham which may have transferred roost from Bartley to Draycote last Month..(Steve Whitehouse) rather pale bird

  2. Its been a good year for white wingers at Shawell Carl?

  3. Yes it has. I think we just about broke the Glaucous Gull record for one winter period and three Iceland Gulls is good too.